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EAS Congress 2019 - Satellite Symposium - The imminent danger of Lp(a): Time to face the challenge


EAS Congress 2019 - Satellite Symposium
The imminent danger of Lp(a): Time to face the challenge
Maastricht, The Netherlands, May 24, 2019






The symposium is an initiative of the Dutch Atherosclerosis Society (DAS) in collaboration with the Physicians’ Academy for Cardiovascular Education foundation (PACE-CME) targeted on an international audience of clinicians and researchers with an interest in atherosclerosis & CVD.

The symposium will be fully dedicated to explore the emerging role of Lipoprotein (a) in the development of cardiovascular disease and as a target for current and future therapies.


Meeting venue
Bonbonnière, a theatre downtown the city of Maastricht (Address: Achter de Comedie 1, 6211 GZ Maastricht))



Preliminary Scientific Agenda

Session 1: Pathophysiology
(Hi)story of Lp(a) into the CV arena - Florian Kronenberg, Innsbruck, Austria
Lp(a) and calcification in aortic stenosis - Kang Zheng, Brigham and Women’s Hospital, Boston, MA, USA (also on behalf Marc Dweck, Edinburgh, United Kingdom)
Lp(a) and immune metabolism - Jeffrey Kroon, Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Session 2: Epidemio-Genetics
Lp(a) (genetics/plasma) and CV morbidity and mortality - Pia Kamstrup, Copenhagen, Denmark
Prevalence and relevance of Lp(a) in familial hypercholesterolemia - Børge Nordestgaard, Denmark
Lp(a) genetics in UK biobank

Session 3: Lab challenges
Apo(a) structure vs Lp(a) concentration: relevance - Marlys Koschinsky ,London, ONT, Canada
Are we ready for prime-time assay standardisation? - Santica Marcovina, Seattle, WA, USA
LDL vs Lp(a) cholesterol: confounding - Calving Yeang, San Diego, CA, USA

Session 4: Therapy
Estimated impact of Lp(a) modulation on CVD-risk - Brian Ference, Cambridge, United Kingdom
Lp(a) contribution to PCSK9-ab benefit in ODYSSEY - Wouter Jukema, Leiden, The Netherlands
Phase II data, followed by NHLBI recommendation - Sam Tsimikas, San Diego, CA, USA




To register for the satellite meeting, please use this link: Registration satellite meeting prior to the 87th EAS congress




EAS Congress 2019 - Satellite Symposium - The imminent danger of Lp(a): Time to face the challenge

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