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EAS Congress 2012

EAS Congress 2012

May 25-28, Milan, Italy


Sito del congresso




80° European Atherosclerosis Society Congress - EAS 2012

EAS 2012, the 80th European Atherosclerosis Society Congress offers an exciting combination of high-level scientific learning from world experts with a chance to experience the cultural hub of Milan. With plenty of time for networking, participants at this specialised atherosclerosis congress will receive the latest updates on the complex and multifactorial pathogenesis of atherosclerosis. Join us at Milan's new and ultra-modern Milano Convention Centre, rated among the largest conference facilities in Europe and worldwide.

Regular fee: March 13-April 30, 2012


Registration Fees:
(In EUR, including VAT at 21%). Fees apply to payments received prior to the indicated deadlines.


Early Bird
Up to
March 12, 2012

Regular fee
March 13-
April 30, 2012

Late fee
May 1, 2012

EAS 2011 Member - age 35 or under* € 100 € 150 € 200
EAS 2011 Member over age 35 € 200 € 300 € 500
Non-member student** € 200 € 250 € 250
Non-member non-student € 400 € 650 € 750
EAS Party Ticket for non students € 50 € 50 € 50
EAS Party Ticket for Students € 25 € 25 € 25
Welcome Reception- Additional Ticket € 45 € 45 € 45


*Applicable for those who are under 35 years old at the time of registration. Please send a copy of ID indicating your date of birth to the EAS 2012 Registration Department by either e-mail to reg_eas2012@kenes.com or by fax to +41 22 906 91 34. Please make sure to indicate EAS 2012 in the subject.


Note: member-rate registration fee applies on a year-by-year basis for the following year only, e.g., EAS members 2011(I.e., have paid their annual EAS membership fee for 2011) are eligible for member-rate registration at EAS 2012 in Milano.

**Student registration form must be accompanies by a letter from the head of department confirming your status and/or a valid student card.



EAS 2012, 80th European Atherosclerosis Society Congress


Arterial wall and atherosclerosis: cellular and humoral factors
- Innate and adaptive immunity in atherosclerosis
- Bioactive compounds and inflammation in the arterial wall
- Role of macrophage atherogenesis
- Cellular trafficking in normal atherosclerotic arterial wall


Lipids, Lipoproteins and lipid metabolism
- HDL: New mechanisms involved in their atheroprotective role
- Joint EAS-ICCR Workshop: Adipose tissue: a dysregulator of lipid and
lipoprotein metabolism in obesity, diabetes and metabolic syndrome
- Intestinal flora as regulator of lipid metabolism
- Plasma lipoprotein metabolism and atherosclerosis


Cardiovascular disease: risk factors, genetics and epidemiology
- Genetic and genomic approaches for identifying new risk factors and therapeutic targets
- Risk factors of cardiovascular diseases: a changing landscape
- Biomarkers, from association to a causative role
- Joint EAS-ESC Workshop: Changing epidemiology of cardiovascular disease in Europe


Prevention and treatment of CVD
- New molecular targets for drugs in the treatment of dyslipidemia
- How should a healthy diet look like - any need for supplements?
- Familial dyslipidemias: detection and therapy
- New therapeutic strategies for controlling production and catabolism of
apolipoprotein B-100- containing lipoproteins


Area Soci


SISA LIPID ACADEMY - Corso avanzato di lipidologia clinica

Digital Edition

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Congresso Regionale SISA Sezione Lombardia

Milano, 15-17 Ottobre 2020
Programma preliminare

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Spring Meeting Gruppi Giovani SIIA, SIMI, SISA 2020 - 2.0

Online, 18 Giugno, 25 Giugno e 2 Luglio 2020

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Giornale Italiano Arteriosclerosi

Rivista in lingua italiana
riservata ai Soci S.I.S.A.
Ultimo numero:
Anno 11 • N.4/2020

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HoFH today

Rivista Italiana della
Familiare Omozigote
Anno 2 • N.1/2020

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Rivista NMCD

Nutrition, Metabolism and Cardiovascular Diseases

Istruzioni per l'accesso online

IF 2018: 3.340


EAS Advanced Course in Rare Lipid Disease
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Progetto vincitore della Borsa di Studio "Andrea Mezzetti" 2019 - C. Marchi
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