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EAS Congress 2012 - Satellite Symposium
HIGH DENSITY LIPOPROTEINS: From basic science to therapeutic advances


EAS Congress 2012 - Satellite Symposium
HIGH DENSITY LIPOPROTEINS: From basic science to therapeutic advances

Milan, 28-29 May 2012


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Laura Calabresi (Milan, Italy)
Kerry-Anne Rye (Sydney, Australia)

Confirmed Faculty
Philip Barter (Sydney, Australia)
Franco Bernini (Parma, Italy)
Laura Calabresi (Milan, Italy)
Sebastiano Calandra (Modena, Italy)
Alberico Catapano (Milan, Italy)
Guido Franceschini (Milan, Italy)
Dimitris Kardassis (Heraklion, Greece)
Anatol Kontush (Paris, France)
John Kastelein (Amsterdam, the Netherlands)
Jan Albert Kuivenhoven (Groningen, the Netherlands)
Ulf Landmesser (Zurich, Switzerland)
Alan Remaley (Bethesda, USA)
Kerry-Anne Rye (Sydney, Australia)
Alan Tall (New York, USA)
Anne Tybjaerg-Hansen (Copenhagen, Denmark)
Arnold von Eckerdstain (Zurich, Switzerland)


Call for Abstracts
Professors Laura Calabresi and Kerry-Anne Rye welcome the submission of abstracts for posters and oral presentations. Final selection of abstracts will be done by Scientific Committee by 18 April 2012.
THE DEADLINE FOR ABSTRACT SUBMISSION IS 30 April 2012 midnight Central European Time. Abstracts will not be accepted after this date. Abstract submission


Preliminary programme

Monday, May 28

13.00 Registration
14.30 Meeting Opening
14.30-16.10 1st session - HDL genetics
16.10-16.30 Coffee break
16.30-18.10 2nd session - HDL functions, Part 1
Cholesterol efflux and RCT

Tuesday, May 29

09.00-12.30 3rd session - HDL functions, Part 2
Inhibition of Inflammation
Improved endothelial function/enhanced endothelial repair
Improved glucose homeostasis
12.30-13.30 Buffet lunch
13.30-14.30 Poster session
14.30-16.10 4th session - HDL targeted therapies

Congress Venue

Via Cino del Duca 8
20122 - Milan, Italy
Ph. +39 02 76023245


Organizing Secretariat

AIM Group International - Milan Office
Via G. Ripamonti 129 - 20141 Milan, Italy
Ph. +39 02 566011 - Fax +39 02 70048578





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