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82nd EAS Congress


82nd EAS Congress
Madrid, May 31-June 03, 2014


Scientific programme

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82° European Atherosclerosis Society Congress - EAS 2014

The 82nd Congress of the European Atherosclerosis Society (EAS 2014) is dedicated to advancing the field of atherosclerosis through collaborative educational experiences. Based on the most up-to-date developments and discussions, EAS 2014 will provide an outstanding forum to meet and learn from highly respected speakers - acclaimed experts in atherosclerosis and related topics. The scientific programme will provide the latest developments in research and practice for disease prevention and treatment.
In 2014, the European Atherosclerosis Society will be commemorating its 50th Golden Anniversary. Since the society's formal establishment in 1964, EAS has acquired a well-deserved reputation for "advancing and exchanging knowledge of the causes, natural history, treatments and prevention of atherosclerotic disease".

Regular fee: March 13-April 30, 2014


Registration Fees:


Early Bird
Up to
March 12, 2014

Regular fee
March 13-
April 30, 2014

Late fee
May 1, 2014

EAS 2013 Member - age 35 or under* € 150 € 200 € 250
EAS 2013 Member over age 35 € 300 € 400 € 600
Non-member student** € 250 € 300 € 350
Non-member non-student € 500 € 700 € 800


*Applicable for those who are under 35 years old at the time of registration. Please send a copy of ID indicating your date of birth to the EAS 2014 Registration Department by either e-mail to or by fax to +41 22 906 91 40. Please make sure to indicate EAS 2014 in the subject.

Note: member-rate registration fee applies on a year-by-year basis for the following year only, e.g., EAS members 2013(I.e., have paid their annual EAS membership fee for 2013) are eligible for member-rate registration at EAS 2014 in Madrid.

**Student registration form must be accompanies by a letter from the head of department confirming your status and/or a valid student card.



EAS 2014, 82nd European Atherosclerosis Society Congress



Sunday, June 1, 2014
Microbiota, Immunity and Regulation
Role of Microbiota in Atherosclerosis
Fredrik Bäckhed (Sweden)
Immunity in Atherosclerosis
Ira Tabas (USA)
Vaccination against atherosclerosis
Johan Kuiper (Netherlands)
Regulation of vascular cells by microRNAs
Stefanie Dimmeler (Germany)


Monday, June 2, 2014
Energy Metabolism and Diabetes
Diabetic Dyslipidemia
Marja-Riitta Taskinen (Finland)
Cholesterol homeostasis and beta cell function
Michael Hayden (Canada)
Philip Newsome (UK)
Lipotoxic heart disease
Ira Goldberg (USA)


Tuesday, June 3, 2014
Risk Factors and Interventions
Classical and Novel Risk Factors
Naveed Sattar (UK)
Genetic risk factors and Mendelian Randomization
Anne Tybjaerg-Hansen (Denmark)
Residual cardiovascular risk: anything needed or eective beyond statins?
Jane Armitage (UK)
PCSK9 Inhibition
Bertrand Cariou (France)




Vascular biology of the arterial wall
• Innate immunity in atherogenesis
• Acquired immunity in atherogenesis
• Atherosclerosis regression
• Angiogenesis


Lipid and lipoprotein metabolism
• Genomics and proteomics of lipid metabolism
• New protective eects of HDL on the cardiovascular system and beyond
• Role of the intestine and microbiota in lipid homeostasis
• Brown adipose tissue: A new powerful player in lipoprotein metabolism


Risk factors, epidemiology, prevention, and treatment of cardiovascular disease
• Hypolipidemic drugs: presence and future
• Emerging targets for therapy
• Gene-environment interactions in cardiovascular disease
• Epigenetics


Advanced Clinical Seminars
• Clinical importance of novel risk factors and biomarkers
• Guidelines and current best practice in the treatment of dyslipidemias
• Profound LDL lowering
• Non-alcoholic steatohepatitis as a CV risk factor: how to evaluate this in the patient?




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35° Congresso Nazionale

35° Congresso Nazionale

Virtual Edition, 28-30_Novembre 2021
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Congresso Regionale SISA Sezione Lazio

Roma. 9 Ottobre 2021

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Congresso Regionale SISA Sezione Emilia Romagna

18 settembre 2021
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SISA LIPID ACADEMY - Corso avanzato di lipidologia clinica

Digital Edition  1-3 Luglio 2021

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Giornale Italiano Arteriosclerosi

Rivista in lingua italiana
riservata ai Soci S.I.S.A.
Ultimo numero:
Anno 12 • N.4/2021

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HoFH today

Rivista Italiana della
Familiare Omozigote
Anno 3 • N.1/2021

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Rivista NMCD

Nutrition, Metabolism and Cardiovascular Diseases

Istruzioni per l'accesso online

IF 2018: 3.340


EAS Advanced Course in Rare Lipid Disease
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Progetto vincitore della Borsa di Studio "Andrea Mezzetti" 2019 - C. Marchi
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