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The Anitschkow Prize in Atherosclerosis Research 2014



Nominations are welcome for the Anitschkow Prize 2014. Please find the application form HERE.
Deadline for nomination is September 15, 2013.

The annual EAS “Anitschkow Prize in Atherosclerosis Research” is intended to recognize outstanding
research in the field of atherosclerosis and linked metabolic disturbances.
Previous Anitschkow Prize winners are: Prof. Peter Libby, USA (2013), Prof. Terje R Pedersen,
Norway (2012), Prof. Philip Barter, Australia (2011), Prof. Michael Brown, USA (2010),
Prof. Jean-Claude Fruchart, France (2008), and Prof. Göran Hansson, Sweden (2007).


The Prize

The recipient of the Prize will receive the Anitschkow Medal, an award of ten thousand (10.000)
euros, and will beinvited to present the Anitschkow Lecture as part of the Opening Ceremony
at EAS 2014, Madrid, 31 May-03 June, 2014.

The criteria of eligibility for the Prize

-The candidate is recognized for his/her research in the area of atherosclerosis and linked
metabolic disturbances.
-The candidate has made outstanding novel contributions to and an impact on the discipline to date.
-The candidate has an excellent track record of publications in the atherosclerosis area.
-The candidate is currently an active researcher.

The nomination process

The candidate must be nominated by a peer who is a member of the Society.

The following information should be provided by the nominator:
-The candidate's curriculum vitae and bibliography.
-A letter outlining the reasons for nominating the candidate, with an emphasis
on contributions to, and impact on, the discipline to date.
-A statement as to why the nominee qualifies for the award.
-Two letters of support from two additional peers.

The Award Committee of the EAS will determine which of the nominees are eligible for the Prize.
Persons who are EAS Executive Committee (EC) members, or persons closely associated with
the EC (special advisors, adjunct members, chairs of subcommittees, etc.) may not be nominated
until at least two years have passed since the conclusion of their term of office.
Serving EC members may neither make nor support a nomination.

External reviewer statements will be requested for the eligible nominees. The Award Committee
will use these statements to choose three candidates; their names will be forwarded to the
Executive Committee of the EAS for the final decision.

The nomination, and all material related to it must be in English.



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