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EAS Rare Lipid Disorder Course

EAS Rare Lipid Disorder Course

Cinisello B.mo (Mi), 3 Maggio 2023






EAS Rare Lipid Disorder Courses - Why do clinicians need to know about rare lipid disorders?


Cosmo Hotel Palace,
Via F. De Sanctis, 5
Cinisello Balsamo, Milano


The aim of this course is to examine rare genetic disorders of lipid metabolism including; HoFH, cerebrotendinous xanthomatosis, lysosomal acid lipase deficiency, disorders of high density lipoprotein and familial hypocholesterolemias. While the prevalence of these individual disorders is low, collectively they are important and the busy specialized practitioner may encounter patients with these conditions in his daily practice. Lipidologists need to be familiar with the diagnosis and treatment of these conditions as they are associated with high morbidity and mortality. The objective of this course is to review practical aspects of evaluation and management..


Organized by
SISA Foundation, Italian Society of Atherosclerosis
Via Balzaretti, 7 - 20133 Milano
Tel.: 02 49635252
Fax: 02 49633384


Endorsed by
European Atherosclerosis Society


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Audience numbers
30 persons


To apply please compile the registration form. You will receive a confirmation email after a chek. If you are interested to learn more about this course please contact fondazione@sisa.it.


Marcello Arca, Roma
Maurizio Averna, Palermo
Andrea Baragetti, Milano
Laura Calabresi , Milano
Alberico L. Catapano, Milano
Laura D’Erasmo, Roma
Monica Gomaraschi, Milano
Danilo Norata, Milano



Programme - May 3, 2023




Welcome coffee and networking





Introduction: Why do clinicians need to know Rare Lipid Disorders?
• Alberico L. Catapano





What can we learn from rare diseases? Clinic and Lab crosstalk in lipidology
• Maurizio Averna





Homozygous familial hypercholesterolemia (HoFH)

• Laura D'Erasmo





Extremely high triglycerides

• Marcello Arca





Beta-sitosterolemia and other rare dyslipidaemias
• Giuseppe Danilo Norata




Lunch break





Lp(a) implications and solutions

• Andrea Baragetti




Lysosomal acid lipase deficiency (LALD)
• Monica Gomaraschi





Extreme HDL: low and high

• Laura Calabresi





Closing remarks and take home message

• Alberico L. Catapano



Acknowledgement: EAS have independently organised all matters related to this activity.
The Society gratefully acknowledges financial support from Alexion



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